Natural dying

Diane Sullock demonstrates dying
 fabric with plants grown at
 Brockwell Park Community greenhouses.
Natural dye colour chart
A rhubarb leaf mordant gently heated
 helps the fabric fibres
accept the natural dyes and
 ensures longer lasting colour
Chopped up dried weld grown at BPCG
 is gently heated on the cooker,
 this gives hues of yellow 
Madder root is chopped up
 and heated for 30 minutes
 for orange/red hues

Dried purple/black hollyhock
 flowers are boiled for 30 minutes
 in water
and give a purplish dark grey colour
Hollyhocks growing
 in BPCG in the Summer
The madder dye results on wool and silk

Weld yields results of olive green
 on grey wool

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