Tuesday, 9 June 2015

London Linen - A Slow Fashion Tale of Urban Flax - May 2015 - exhibit - Brockwell Hall

The flax journey seeded in Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses with the aim to inspire people to connect with where their clothes come from and see if it was possible to grow a linen garment from seed in an urban environment. Excitingly -  it was - with the collective effort of community gardens, school children, artisans, spinners and The London College of Fashion.
the journey in photos from seed to harvest to naturally dyeing and weaving
The couture garland made by passementerie expert Jessica Light after the first years growth & cyanotypes made by Zoë Burt help document the project
Diane Sullock and Christine Rowe give spinning demonstrations on a spinning wheel and with a drop spindle at the exhibit in Brockwell Hall
The London linen garment worn for the first time 
Aaron the spinner enables  young participants to have a go on his spinning wheel
Jo Clayton - storycycler - spins yarns and brings to life tales of plants and their transformation into the fabric of our lives through the ages


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