Wednesday, 22 May 2013

SHIFT linen dress - pattern cutting, toile, fit & garment construction with the help of Kate Burnett

Vintage SHIFT dress pattern
as basis for linen garment

Kate Burnett lays out the vintage pattern
 and transcribes to dressmakers spot and cross
pattern paper

The toile (test garment)
is cut and pinned
using cotton fabric

The toile is sewn together

The toile is pressed

The toile is fitted

A tracing wheel is used
to mark out the new line
on the fabric and paper
after fitting the garment

The pattern is redrawn
according to the measurements
 from pinning the
garment to fit  the body

Length of Irish linen
naturally dyed in
Brockwell park London, from
a compote of native yellow flowers
(photo credit Camilla Regorda)
Kate lays out the
 adjusted pattern
The pattern is
marked out
(photo credit
Camilla Regorda)

The linen is cut(photo credit
Camilla Regorda)
The fabric is sewn together

The garment is pressed

Pintucks are added
to the neckline
(photo credit Camilla Regorda)

The linen SHIFT dress
(photo credit Camilla Regorda)

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