Sunday, 19 May 2013

Natural Dying flax fibres and linen fabric with native yellow flowers

The linen is mordanted with alum,
which is simmered for 45minutes 
before the fabric is added and steeped for half an hour then squeezed out and added to dye pot.
Alum has been used as a dye-fixer or mordant from the 15th century onwards. Alum mined from the Earth came from the Middle East and Papal States to England where the growing woollen trade used it to dye colourful yarns as a valuable commodity. Imports of alum from the papal states became less reliable after the excommunication of Henry VIII. Therefore a state funded industry began in Yorkshire to process shale, making an important contribution to the Industrial Revoltuion.
A compote of native yellow flowers: daffodil, wallflower, marigold
to make a deep mellow yellow
Home grown flax dyed with compote of native yellow flowers

Linen fabric ( from Ireland  via Simply Fabrics, Brixton market)


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