Friday, 6 July 2012

Seeds of Fashion - introduction

Welcome to "Seeds of Fashion". This is the story of a garment from seed to fashion, sown, grown and made in London.

The story will be documented to include sowing, growing, harvesting, retting, breaking, scutching, heckling, spinning, weaving, designing, printing and making. The complete lifecycle of a garment unfolded. It is a story of "slow fashion". Revealed through film, photography - digital and camera-less (cyanotypes) - creating a visual and written diary of the journey.
The vision is to dye the fabrics using locally grown natural dye plants and print the textiles with images inspired by the development of the seedlings in their urban environment.

I hope to inspire people to reconnect with where their clothes come from and engender a sense of wonder at what can emerge from fibre plants grown domestically in Great Britain.

I have been volunteering at Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses in South London, where I have planted flax seeds, cotton seeds and have been experimenting with jute cuttings from Brixton market. With the kind help and expert advice of spinners and weavers within the M25 (London area) spin, knit or weave the fibres into unique fashion/art pieces.

My background is in printed textiles, I trained at Central. St. Martins, part of the University of the Arts, London. I design printed textiles and as an artist, I work with camera-less photography developing images and participatory projects which you can see on my website

I feel really excited by the growth of these "seeds of fashion", I hope you enjoy the journey too, any thoughts and advice this space and will keep you posted!

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